Make a difference - become a teacher

With the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge
Slide3 Background Ciona Thompson, Education

"I love teaching kids

and helping them grow

within sport."

Ciona Thompson, Education

Samantha Davis, Art Education William Lowry, BSc '11, BEd Student

"Every kid can learn,

we just need to find

the way to do it."

William Lowry, BSc '11, BEd Student

Samantha Davis, Art Education Samantha Davis, Art Education

"As a teacher, I can expose

people to art and show them

what's out there already."

Samantha Davis, Art Education

Jared Heidinger, BSc/BEd 2000 Jared Heidinger, BSc/BEd 2000

"Make science understandable,

accessible, with

fun involved."

Jared Heidinger, BSc/BEd 2000

Kristi Legge Kristi Legge, BA/BEd '07

"My students learn

about the arts, creativity,

and self-expression."

Kristi Legge, BA/BEd '07

Jim Kerr Jim Kerr, BA/BEd '93, Med '99

"I wanted to pass on

the love of the game

to my students."

Jim Kerr, BA/BEd '93, Med '99

Slide3 Background Devon Mulder, BSc, BEd ‘06

"I've always been

fascinated by

how things work."

Devin Mulder, BSc, BEd '06

27 weeks of practical classroom experience in a broad range of schools from rural to urban and elementary to secondary

Graduating superior educators for whom teaching is a long-term, rewarding career

Teacher preparation nationally recognized for its excellence